Patricia Mayoral

1966, Madrid.

During Patricia Mayoral's last period of creation, between 2019 and 2020, we can see that her works have torn the rocks of her surroundings from the landscape, transforming them into strange dense, heavy and compact figures, which float in an immense and empty space, where there is nothing. His works show figures that, like a chrysalis, want to be but cannot. He endows them with liveliness in an inner movement that is sometimes slow and sometimes convulsive, struggling to emerge. Sometimes a defeated human figure can be sensed, broken and dismembered in the inner struggle ("Feeding the soul"). At other times one feels the wind caressing the granite, whistling through its cracks and softening the rough skin of the rock ("Where caresses whisper").

The artist discovered encaustic painting under the guidance of Manuel Huertas Torrejón during her student years at the faculty, which eventually became the technical engine of her work, without ceasing to explore her register of textures, glazes and impasto.  

In his latest works he opts for the use of couché paper as a support, with more or less brightness and colour, and oil as a technique, making the forms float by means of games of superimpositions and glazes that come from his lived and dreamed landscapes.

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