Patrizia Lohan

Giarre, Italy

Using maximum austerity, Patrizia Lohan plays with the minimum shape variables that arise from a Modulor of her own design, arranged in a particular order and always on a white background to form a unique construction design. In fact, her proposal is a theory of sets applied to art.

But unlike other artists who work with concrete art, in general, a cold genre, she infuses her works with warmth that derives from the intrinsic quality of her materials and a subtle and iridescent colouring that emanates from the interior of the different elements of the series that compose them. These elements never fall into monotony or repetition. or their placement (vertical or horizontal) and their shape (flat, wavy, fragmented, open or closed within themselves) offer a dynamism that gives each of his works a unique personality while showing the complementarity between its most rational geometric aspect and the most emotional part resulting from the harmony between the forces and the delicate chromatic note that adds to it.

Patrizia Lohan's paintings invite visual and mental concentration. and remind us of the exact title of a book published in 1920 by Gestalt psychologist Wolfgang Köhler:

"Die physischen Gestalten in Ruhe und im stationären Zustand"

"Physical forms in peace and in a state of rest", because these works convey peace and tranquillity.

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