Moisés Yagües

1972, Murcia.

Self-taught training. He is a teacher of artistic education in Murcia, work that he combines with art. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums in different cities around the world like New Mexico, China, Germany, Slovenia, Barcelona, Madrid... and has received several awards. But what he likes to do best whenever he can is to read and illustrate books for both children and adults.

He tries to express his imaginary world, internal affairs, minimal stories, small individual oddities that he tries to defend against so many common places. Among the works you can find lonely people, human movements and borders, loves and dislikes, small tragedies, beings inclined to the abyss, ironic drawings...

He uses graphic technique a lot, since he feels more comfortable with it and through it he has discovered different ways to treat the same idea.

As for the symbolism, he often repeats the shape of the head. It is an element that motivates him and suggests many ideas, because, after all, the head is the place where those little stories live, full of corners where to hide ideas, desires and other secrets. The works have many meanings and it is the spectator who contributes a different look that enriches or impoverishes the meaning with his valuation.

Awards, Scholarships and others.


2nd International Engraving Prize Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco. Logroño 2012 Biennial selection IEEB5.Bucharest.  Romania.


Finalist IV International Prize Illustrated Album Compostela


Artist invited by the Centro de Arte de Guanlan. Shenzhen. China


Corzón Award. XVI National Graphic Work Awards. Museum of Marbella

Scholarship in Estampa. Falconieri House. Sardinia. Italy 

Honorable Mention. II Graphic Work Competition, Alfara Hall. Oviedo

Inographic Review Selection. Cuenca


National Chalcography Award of the Young Creators Graphic Art Contest. Madrid

Pilar and Joan Miró de Mallorca Foundation Scholarship. Palma de Mallorca

Honorable Mention in the I Sala Alfara Graphic Work Award. Oviedo

Artist invited by Kloster Bentlage Art Center. Rehine. Germany 

Scholarship granted in Estampa by the International Center of Contemporary Printing. Betanzos. A Coruña

First prize IX Contest of Young Creation City of Almeria (Graphic Work)


2nd Prize XXXIV International Printmaking Prize Carmen Arozena. Excmo. Island Council of La Palma. Madrid

Accesit. II International Biennial of Engraving Quart de Poblet. Valencia



"Who cares what I do? Matraca Gallery. Málaga /Bevel Gallery. Cartagenna

"This is not cinema". Museum of Archena 

 "Stolen verses". Alba Cabrera Gallery. Valencia


"On the other side". Gallery 100 Kubik. Cologne. Germany

"Stolen verses". Alba Cabrera Gallery. Valencia

"On the other side". El Jardín Hall. Murcia /Sala El Broncense. Provincial Council of Cáceres


"Crossed lives" La Calcografía gallery. Salamanca


"Crossed eyes". Vista Alegre Room. Torrevieja. Alicante

"On the other side". Arab House. Córdoba / El Cigarralejo Museum. Mule

"Works" Promo-Art Gallery. Tokyo. Japan


"This is not cinema (The End)". Carolina Rojo Gallery. Zaragoza 

This is not cinema (graphic work)". Guisasola Space. Gijón (November) 


"Ceci ce n'est pas du cinema". Alba Cabrera Gallery

"It's dangerous to look outside. Gallery 100 Kubik. Cologne

"Ceci ce n'est pas du cinèma/This is not cinema". IBAFF-Centro Puertas de Castilla. Murcia / Filmfestival. Matadero Cultural Center. Huesca


"Spring that doesn't come". Alfara Room. Oviedo

"I often make strange deductions. Plastike Art Gallery. 2012 "Don't happy, be worry" MUA de Alicante /Galería Alba Cabrera. Valencia


"Cabeza Habitada" Promo-Arte Art Gallery. Tokyo. Japan


Project "Artist's Head". Arana Poveda Gallery. Madrid

"Things in the head 2.0". Alba Cabrera Gallery. Valencia

"On the other side". Tula Prints Gallery. Córdoba

"Things in the head". Molinos del Río Caballerizas Space. Murcia


"Graphic work". CIEC Foundation-International Center for Contemporary Printing. Betanzos. A Coruña

Molinos del Río" exhibition hall. Murcia


"The Best of the Borders are the Clandestine Steps". Serial Artist. ALMAZEN. Barcelona + Cultural Center of Ceutí. Murcia

"Inhabited Head". El Carmen Cultural Center. Murcia

"The Distance Between Us" (Work on paper). Arthauss66 Gallery. Albuquerque. New Mexico (USA)


"Graphic Work" Tula-Prints Gallery. Córdoba

"Druckgrafik". (Münsterlandfestival pArt.3.Münster) Burg Vischering Museum. Lüdinghausen. Germany

"The Man who dreamed too much". Of good ink. Altea. Alicante


"Pasos Clandestinos" Sala Alfara Gallery. Oviedo



"Symbiosis". Alfara Oviedo Gallery


Victor Villegas Auditorium. Department of Culture of R. Murcia


StickersArt. Estampa Fair. PAC

Art KARLSRUHE Fair . Gallery 100 Kubik. Cologne. Germany 2016 Poetic Reality. Gallery 100 Kubik. Cologne. Germany

Ibero Caribbean Prints Exhibition . Art Gallery Promo-Art, Tokyo

ArtMadrid Fair. Alba Cabrera Gallery

AAF New York Fair. Brita Prinz Gallery 

XIV Latin American Contemporary Art TODAY". Promo-Arte Art Gallery. Tokyo.

"Spanish Contemporary Art & Permanent Exhibition", in Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte,Tokyo,Japan

CH.ACO Fair. Chile .G. Alba Cabrera Valencia

Spanish Graphic-Between poetry and social criticism. Volkshochschule Offenburg,Germany 2013 AAF Fair Hamburg. G. 100 Kubik. Cologne

CH.ACO .G. Alba Cabrera Fair. Valencia

JUST-MAD Fair. G. Alba Cabrera . Valencia 2012 FIB-Bilbao

IEEB5 Biennial of Experimental Graphic Art. Bucharest. Romania.

"Latin American Art exhibition" Vol.01 / Vol. 2, in Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte,Tokyo, Japan 2011 Contemporary Art Ruhr. Essen. Essen, Germany. Gallery 100kubik. Germany

Add up and go. Gallery. AMMAC 

AFF London. Arana Poveda Gallery 

"Face to face: the Spanish portrait". Space 100 Kubik. Germany

Art Madrid. AMMAC Gallery 2010 AFF London. Arana Poveda Gallery 

Carmen Arozena International Printmaking Award, Canary Islands Space for Creation and Culture. Madrid. 

Printed in Bentlage. Germany

El Jardin Room. Molina de Segura 2009 ArteLisboa. Art Project Gallery. Madrid.

Art Fair Brussels. Art Gallery Project. Brussels, Belgium

28th Ljubljana Biennial. Slovenia.

VII Critics' Exhibition. Párraga Center. Murcia 

Estampa Fair. Gallery A-Pictures. Madrid

Versatile Space. Shanghai. 

Young Contemporary Graphic. Zambucho Gallery. Madrid

XVI National Print Awards. Museum of Marbella 

"Carmen Arozena Award 09" Main House of Salazar. La Palma 2008 International Ingráfica Competition. Cuenca 

Multiple Art Fair ESTAMPA 

The Hall of Art. Madrid 

"Poetic Crossing: 10 Contemporary Spanish Artists". Arthauss66 Gallery. Albuquerque. New Mexico (USA) 

EV-Versatile Space. Shanghai

"Artists for Human Rights". Amnesty International

XV National Print Awards. Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving 

II Contest "LADRÚS" of Ibero-American Engraving. Art Gallery of Almonte. Huelva 

Estampa Fair. Gallery A-Pictures. Madrid

VIII International Biennale for the Incisione. Acqui Terme. Italy 

Art for the memory. The Jail Room. Molina de Segura

José Hernández Printmaking Award. City council of Pinto. Madrid 

VIII "San Lorenzo del Escorial" Award. Madrid

Graphics. Print on paper. Cathedral Gallery. Murcia 2007National Chalcography. Madrid 

IV Prize of Drawing and Graphic Work UCM. Computer University of Madrid 

Once upon a time there were fifteen artists and children. El Mono de la Tinta" Gallery, Madrid 

I National Graphic Work Award "City of Gijón" 2006. Old Cultural Center Institute. Gijón

II Biennial of Engraving Quart de Poblet. House of Culture. Valencia 

XIV National Awards of Engraving-Museum of the Spanish Contemporary Engraving in Marbella 

XXXIV Carmen Arocena International Printmaking Award. Main House Museum of Salazar. Santa Cruz de la Palma 2006

José Caballero Print Awards 2006, Las Rozas. Madrid

Collage (Paper on Paper). CIEC Gallery. Betanzos. A Coruña

Once upon a time there were fifteen artists and children. Sala Alfara Gallery. Oviedo

PRINT FAIR. XXXIV Carmen Arocena International Printmaking Award. Madrid

I Festival ALTER-ARTE. Murcia 

XXXIV National Painting Prize of Fuente Álamo.Murcia


International Centre of Graphic Art, Ljubljana Slovenia

Kloster Bentlage Contemporary Art Center. Rheine. Germany 

Burg Vischering Museum. Lüdinghausen. Germany

Island Museum of the Island Council of La Palma (Canary Islands)

Foundation Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving. Marbella

Quart de poblet Town Hall. Valencia

Las Rozas Town Hall. Madrid

C.I.E.C Foundation International Center for Contemporary Printing. Betanzos. A Coruña 

Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. Palma de Mallorca

The Museum of Engraving of Acqui Terme. Italy

Almeria City Hall

Mint Foundation. Madrid

CEIM Foundation. Madrid 

City Hall of Ceutí. Murcia

Cartagena City Hall 

Guanlan Print Museum of Graphic Work. Shenzhen. China 

Multipurpose Building. San Javier Town Hall 

IEEB. Bucharest. Romania

National Chalcography. Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid 

CEIM Foundation, Madrid

Casa de la Moneda Foundation, Madrid

Collection of the Graphic Arts Business Association, Madrid

Hispanart Collection, Madrid

National Library, Madrid

Museum of Engraving, Fuendetodos

Graphic Art Collection of the University of Cantabria, Santander

Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid


"The summer we ate the moon". Text by Marisa López Soria. Editorial Edebe

"The finalist". Illustrated Album. Text by Marisa López Soria. Mil y Un Cuento-M1C

"The sounds of tradition". Text by Tomás García Martínez and María Luján Ortega. City council of Murcia 

"The Other Side" Illustrated Album. Text and illustrations by Moisés Yagües. Ed, Trifolium 

"Lobo, halfway." Text Marisa López Soria. Malian Publishing House. 2019

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