Bárbara Pérez Marina

Madrid, 1977. Bárbara Pérez would define herself as a Formalist from an architectural background. She studied at the Architectural Association in London and graduated in 2003. Her craft accompanies her and is her tool of expression. She starts from existing things that impact her by their nature. Her work is based on that thought, desire or instinct that defines empathy. For the artist, nature is the most developed form of design, for which she analyses and studies geometry, repetition, proportion, regulatory layouts, rhythms of growth and data. Data translated through the representation of numbers using drawing, technology and craftsmanship. His works are geometrically variable parametric surfaces, generated by extracting data and defining parameters. Everything is directly linked to his interpretation: he defines and adjusts these rules as he shapes the form. I enjoy this abstract freedom that in reality is full of restrictions. According to the artist, each of these pieces is a mixture of a highly technological and at the same time purely artisanal process. Nature has evolved through trial and error, over time, and therefore plays with an advantage. Architecture does not become valuable until it is occupied, and this is important in his pieces. That playful functionality related to the size we have, with our senses with putting ourselves in that place. The homage to the constant curve questions the orthogonal world we live in.

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