Xavi Carbonell

Alcoy, Spain, 1971-2015

Xavi Carbonell's works resemble small dreams ...

Understanding painting as a space for reflection and experimentation has been one of the keys that has marked Xavi Carbonell's career. From his first exhibitions in the mid-nineties to his last works in New York, the artist has managed to build his own plastic language, complex in its process and transparent in its resolution, equipped with a glossary of particularities aimed at purifying the image .

Xavi Carbonell was born in Alcoy in 1971. It is here where he has his residence at the moment, but he carries out his production between Alcoy and New York.

His passion for art and an urgent need to express his feelings in a plastic way, led him to start in the world of painting more than two decades ago. His main influences have not only come from the hand of established artists such as Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Saura and others from Abstract Expressionism, but also from the scribbles outlined by the little ones. In his work his interest in Children's Art is evident, not only from a formal point of view - where the iconographic elements are outlined with strokes that seem to have emerged from the hand of a child - but also in the choice of themes. Through his works he invites us to enter his particular universe, a universe that without realizing it, we will try to make ours.

His work has been seen in different galleries, museums and art centers. Arteinversión, Carmen de la Guerra (Madrid), THEMA (Valencia), CADA (Alcoy), are some examples. He has also been present in numerous International Fairs, highlighting Dubai, Antwerp and Affordable in New York, in the latter represented by the New Yorker Art Angler, a gallery that represents him in the US since 2012.

He has been selected in numerous awards: XIII Painting Prize University of Murcia 2012, the III Biennial of Engraving Etching 2011 of Valladolid, and in three editions of the Bancaja Awards of Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art, in the years 2009, 2008 and 2006 , as well as in the I Biennial of Art of Alcoy, 1996.

His work is part of numerous public and private collections.



Work selected in the XIII Painting Prize University of Murcia 2012.

Work selected at the III Biennial of Engraving Etching of Valladolid, 2011.

Alcoy, Spain, 1971

Work acquired by the City of Alcoy, on the occasion of the exhibition held at the Industrial Circle "Artists Alcoyanos by the Saharaui People." 2005

Work acquired by the Excellency Provincial Council of Alicante, on the occasion of the Call for Plastic Arts 2006.

Work acquired by the Excellency Provincial Council of Alicante, on the occasion of the Convocation of Plastic Arts 2005.

Work selected in the XXXVI Bancaja Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art 2009.

Work selected in the XXXV Bancaja Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art 2008.

Work selected in the XXXIII Bancaja Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Digital Art 2006.

Work selected in the I BIENNAL D'ART D'ALCOI. December 1996- January 1997.


Fairs, Museums, Galleries

Art Angler, New York. Since February 2012.

Exhibition Call Me, Work In Progres - NEW YORK, Cabrini blv. January 2011

Exhibition, LANDSCAPES, In The Street, Washinton Square, New York, February 2011

Museum of Modern Art (MAM) of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with the exhibition "Cartographies of Modernity, 100% Valencian", December 2010-January 2011.

Dubai International Art Fair. March 2009

Art-Event Fair 2008. Antwerp, Belgium. November 2008

Exhibition "One man show", in the Museum of the Americas. Miami August 2008

Egiptyanmuseum Horizon room. December 2006. Cairo. Egypt.

Stockholm International Contemporary Art Fair, STHLM Art Fair’05-April 05.

Mark Gallery New York



New York: "On paper". Art Angler Gallery.


New York: "Crazy Dolls". Art Angler Gallery.


New York: “Final Arts”. Art Angler Gallery.

Alcoi: Mallway. Alzamora exhibition hall


New York: "Sapaint". Art Angler Gallery.

Madrid: "The Death of an Artist." Utopic_Gallery PAC collaborates. Commissioner Victoria Arribas.


Alicante: “Last Art, 21 Days”. Fish slice. Commissioners: Eduardo Lastres and Guillermina Perales.

Madrid: “vanity scapes”. ARTEINVERSIÓN Art Gallery.

New York: “not alone in NYC”. Opening in Leonard Street. Collaboration with Art Angler Gallery.


Madrid: “Almost Black”, Moma-V Oracle of Art Gallery, September-November (Chinchón); “Call Me”, in the Research and Art Gallery, January-February. Engravings and Paintings in ArteInversión, Madrid.


Alcoy: “My son can do it, too” at the Ovidi Montllor Center, April.


Alcoy: Presentation of the “Minim” Author Folder: Engravings by Xavi Carbonell and Poems by Josep Sou. Presentation: Jordi Botella. Audiovisual Projection: Gilberto Dobón. Cultural Center of Alcoy. October. Madrid: Exhibition "Dreams", in the Catarsis Gallery, March-April.


Alcoy: “Capritxos”, in Sala Catalunya, October-January; Elche: Exhibition "b / n" in the Rector's Hall University Miguel Hernández, January.


Madrid: Exhibition in Catarsis Gallery, January-February.


Calpe: Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Calpe, August.


Alcoy: “V.O.”, Cultural Center of Alcoy, November; Ovidi Montllor Center, Tribute to Ovidi, May.


Benidorm: ASMARA Room, December. Alicante: ACARA Gallery, November.


Alcoy: UNESCO Room, January; Elche: Azahar Art Gallery, January.


Alicante: Other Name Art Gallery, February.


Alicante: Other Name Art Gallery, September. Exhibition of Taules: object designed for the Gallery.


Elche: Casadalba Gallery, "El Mirador del Arte". November.


Affordable Art Fair New York, Spring 2015/2016. Represented by Art Angler Gallery.

Affordable Art Fair New York, Fall 2015/2016. Represented by Art Angler Gallery.

I Exhibition of Contemporary Art Artevalencia-Benicàssim. Melchor Zapata Room.

Art Hamptons The International Art Fair. Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark in Bridgehampton, NY. New York July 2013. Represented by Art Angler.

Affordable Art Fair New York, April 2013. Represented by Art Angler Gallery.

Cabinet of Curiosities, Pilar Cubillo Art Gallery and PAC. Commissioners Oscar García and Pilar Cubillo. February 2012. Madrid.

XIII Painting Prize University of Murcia, Exhibition at the Almudí Palace Art Center, from 10/30 to 9/12 and at the Pedro Cando de Blanca Foundation, from 12/14 to 01/14/13. Both in Murcia.

ARTEANDO International Contemporary Art Fair, Irún 2012. Represented by the Marita Segovia Gallery (Madrid).

“Carbonell, Ibarra and Tamargo”, collective exhibition at Art Angler Gallery, New York. May 2012

Affordable Art Fair New York, Spring 2012, with Art Angler Gallery. April 2012. New York.

III Engraving Biennial of Valladolid. Pimentel Palace. March-April 2012. Valladolid.

“F5 Update”, Nuevoarte Gallery, Seville. March 2011

ROOM ART FAIR 2011. Represented at the Fair by PAC (Contemporary Art Platform). Madrid. December 2011

PRINT Multiple Art. Represented at the Estampa Fair by the Arteinversión Gallery. Madrid. October 2011

“Cruce de Relatos”, Alcoy Art Center (CADA) Alcoy June-September 2011. Curated by José Piqueras.

“Tradition and Vanguard in the Alcoyana Painting of the XX century”, Lonja de Alicante, January-March 2011. Alicante.

“Unauthorized Autobiography”, Carmen de la Guerra Gallery / ARTENDENCIAS, October-December 2010, Madrid. Curated by Victoria Arribas Roldán.

"Great Collectible", Gallery Catarsis, Madrid, annual collective exhibition of end of season, having been part of these exhibitions from 2004 to 2010.

“Cartographies of Creativity. 100% Valencians ”. This exhibition has been seen at the IVAM-Center del Carme in Feb-May 2010 and at the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, December-January 2010/11. Curated by Rafael Gil Salinas.

BANCAJA PRIZES 2006, 2008, 2009, on the occasion of the selection of work in these editions, Xavi Carbonell's work has been represented in Valencia, Sala Muralla of the IVAM in: 2009 for the XXXVI edition and in 2006 for the XXXIII edition; Alicante, Bancaja Foundation of Alicante in: 2008 for the XXXV edition and in 2007 for the XXXIII edition; Madrid, City Museum 2007, for the XXXIII edition; Albacete, Cultural Center La Asunción 2006 for the XXXIII edition.

PLASTIC ARTS AWARD 2006 ALICANTE DIPUTATION, exhibition at the Fish Market of Alicante in 2006. Work acquired by the Diputación de Alicante in this call.

“100 Solidarity Artists”, collective exhibition that could be seen in Novelda in 2006, and in Alicante, at the Headquarters of the Territorial College of Architects of Alicante, in 2007.

“30 Painters Alicante”, 2007, Cultural Center of Calpe; Fish Market of Alicante.

“Tribute to Ovidi”, Ovidi Montllor¸2005 Center. Alcoy

From 1996 to 2004, there have been many exhibitions made by Xavi Carbonell in Alcoy, highlighting among others: “Esclats. Art Alcoià Generació dels 90 ”,“ Artists Alcoians amb el Poble Saharaui ”,“ Alcoians i no ”,“ L’Art per als Drets Humans ”.



Alcoy: Performance “ESSER. Guilt can be an artist. ” Ágora room.

Madrid: Performance Art and Poetry, on the occasion of Book Day, interpretation of the poems of the Green Horse Platform through drawings and paintings. ARTEINVERSIÓN Gallery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smHdTxTL4x4


New York: Pictorial Performance Work in Progres, “CALL ME”. January.


DENIA. Pictorial Performance in Pepe Cabrera.


ALCOY: Caixa Catalunya Room. Pictorial Performance - Jazz-Session “Dreams” January.


ALCOY: KROMA Pictorial Performance “Exposicions per a exposició”, February.


Realization of mural painting at 181 Cabrini. New York 2010

Making mural painting in office: "Una Arquitectura" Denia. 2010

Realization of OBSCUR wine label, 2010, Alicante.

Production of Totems for the Azahar Gallery in Elche, 2004.


Xavi Carbonell has designed covers for the “City of Alcoy Painting Prize” Catalogs, for the 2001, 2003 and 2004 editions and Posters for fairs and exhibitions, highlighting: Poster “Invencions Sobtades. Plastic / Jazz- Jazz Sesiom ”; Poster for the “XVI Mostra D'Alcoi, Fira d'Arts Escèniques de la Comunitat Valencia, 2006 and the Poster for the“ X Anniversari del Tapis D'Acoi ”, Alcoy City Council, in 2002. In 2006, it will also hold the realization of the Logo for “Tapis d'Alcoy. Serveis Socials ”, Alcoy City Council.

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