Ramón Cerezo

Barcelona, 1958.

In Ramón Cerezo's work, emptiness is responsible for creating the three-dimensional perspective. Geometric shapes under an appearance of calculation and precision express a world that goes beyond the intellect. Endless lines and curves intertwined and launched into space establish a dialogue between matter and perforation. Open pieces that embrace emptiness and its eternity.

The strength that dominates his sculptures is inherent in the very contradiction that constitutes them: a heavy material such as iron becomes light and manages to create emptiness by filling spaces. He seems to introduce us into a new dimension of unstable balances, where the known is ignored, method is transformed into randomness and where creation is synonymous with destruction.

Since 1991 Ramón Cerezo has participated in countless group exhibitions both in Spain - in Cataluña, Madrid, Andalucía, Cantabria and La Rioja - and abroad - in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Slovenia. He has also held numerous solo exhibitions since 1997 in Granada, Barcelona, Terrassa, Madrid, Sitges, Vigo, Xàbia, Bilbao, Almagro and Balaguer, as well as in the German cities of Freiburg and Stuttgart. Finalist in several sculpture competitions held in Álava, Castellón and Girona, some of his works are part of the collections of the Museo Würth La Rioja, the Vilacasas Can Mario Foundation (Palafrugell, Girona), the Roland Phleps Foundation for Concrete Art (Freiburg, Germany) and the Marguerida de Monferrato Foundation, 2019 (Balaguer, Lleida).

Group exhibitions

1991 Transit gallery exhibition (Barcelona) / Club Leisure (Marbella) 1992 Transit gallery exhibition (Barcelona) / Art grafic exhibition in Transit gallery (Barcelona) / 1993 Academy of Fine Arts (Sabadell) 1996 Masía Mass Flasia (Vidreres) 1997 Exhibition Artistes per a nou segle gallery Canals (Sant Cugat del Valles) / Exhibition Canals Art Celler Center (Sant Cugat del Valles) / 1998 Exhibition gallery d'art Canals (Sant Cugat del Valles - Barcelona) / Art fair "Art Expo" gallery Canals ( Madrid) / Canals d'art exhibition (Sant Cugat del Valles) / Euskal Etxea Cultural Center Exhibition (Barcelona) / 1999 Cal Talaveró gallery exhibition (Verdú) / Exhibition 3 art bcn (Barcelona) 2000 Sala d'art exhibition Arxiu Tobella (Terrassa) / 2001 Fair "Art" gallery M. Serres (Madrid) / 2002 Fair "Art Expo" Gallery Contemporary Art (Barcelona) / 2003 Exhibition Gallery Contemporary Art (Madrid) / Fair "Art Ex po “Gallery of Contemporary Art (Barcelona) / 2004 Exhibition of Contemporary Art gallery (Marbella - Málaga) / Fair“ De Arte ”Gallery of Contemporary Art (Madrid) / Fair“ Bcn Futur ”gallery Maria Villalba (Barcelona) / 2005“ Art Fair ” Iris Gallery (Madrid) / "Art Karlsruhe" Fair Maria Villalba Gallery (Karlruhe - Germany) / 2006 Maria Villalba Gallery Exhibition (Barcelona) / "Art Madrid" Fair Maria Villalba Gallery (Madrid) / "Art Karlsruhe Fair" Maria Villalba Gallery ( Karlsruhe - Germany) / 2007 Maria Villalba Gallery Exhibition (Barcelona) / Exhibition Human figure and abstraction, Würth Museum (Agoncillo - La Rioja) / Art Madrid Fair Maria Villalba Gallery (Madrid) / Art Karlsruhe Fair Maria Villalba Gallery ( Karlsruhe - Germany) / 2008 Collective exhibition galerie du Fleuve (Paris) / Fair "Art Madrid" gallery Sandra Irigoyen (Madrid) / Fair "Art Karlsruhe" gallery Sandra Irigoyen ( Karlsruhe - Germany) / 2009 "Art Karlsruhe" Fair Königsblau Gallery (Karlsruhe - Germany) / "Art Madrid" Fair Marita Segovia Gallery (Madrid) Foundation Exhibition "Cass Sculpture Foundation" (Goodwood - United Kingdom) / 2010 "Art Karlsruhe" Fair Victor Lopez Gallery (Karlsruhe - Germany) / “Art Madrid” Fair Marita Segovia Gallery (Madrid) / 2011 Exhibition Figuration and abstraction, Würth Museum (Palau Solità i Plegamans - Barcelona) / “Art Karlsruhe Fair” Du Fleuve Gallery (Karlsruhe - Germany ) / Fair "Art Madrid" gallery Marita Segovia (Madrid) / 2012 Fair "Art Karlsruhe" gallery Du Fleuve (Karlsruhe - Germany) / 2013 Exhibition Samagra gallery (Paris) / Fair "Art London" gallery Du Fleuve (United Kingdom) / 2014 “Art London” Fair Du Fleuve Gallery / Exhibition Du Fleuve Gallery (Paris) / “Art Karlsruhe” Fair Du Fleuve Gallery (Germany) / 2015 “Dearte” Fair with Marita Segovia Gallery (Madr id) / 2016 “Art Madrid” Fair Marita Segovia Gallery / 2017 Spiral Gallery (Noja - Santander) / Art Circle Art Embassy (Slovenia) / 2019 “Sculto” Fair Juan Manuel Lumbreras Art Gallery (Logroño - La Rioja)

Finalist in sculptural competitions

2001 Finalist in the sculptural itinerary by Alava (Alava)

2003 Finalist in the sculptural itinerary by Alava (Alava)

2005 Finalist of the Oropesa de Mar sculpture contest (Oropesa del Mar, Castellón)

2005 Vila Casas Foundation sculpture competition finalist (Palafrugell, Girona)

2012 Finalist sculpture contest Vila Casas Foundation (Palafrugell, Girona)

2018 Vila Casas Foundation sculpture competition finalist (Palafrugell, Girona)

Individual expositions

1997 Caja Rural Exhibition (Granada) / Euskal Etxea Cultural Center Exhibition (Barcelona) / 1999 “3Art“ Trànsit Gallery (Barcelona) / 2000 Gallery d'Art Arxiu Tobella Gallery (Terrassa - Barcelona) / 2001 Maria Villalba Gallery Exhibition (Barcelona) / 2002 Exhibition gallery Magdalena Baxeras (Barcelona) / Exhibition gallery d'Art Arxiu Tobella (Terrassa) / Exhibition Gallery Contemporary Art (Madrid) / Exhibition Hotel Estela (Sitges - Barcelona) / Exhibition Financial Center of Vigo / 2003 Exhibition Gallery Contemporary Art (Madrid ) / Maria Villalba Gallery Exhibition (Barcelona) / 2004 Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibition (Madrid) / 2005 Maria Villalba Gallery Exhibition (Barcelona) / 2007 “Ars et Scientia” Exhibition Teknon Medical Center (Barcelona) / Roland Phleps Foundation Exhibition (Freiburg - Germany ) / 2008 Exhibition gallery Königsblau (Stuttgart - Germany) / Exhibition gallery Set espai d'art (Xàbia Alicante) / 2009 “Ars et Scientia” Exhibition Teknon Medical Center (Barcelona) / 2010 Juan Manuel Lumbreras Gallery Exhibition (Bilbao) / 2011 “Vacuum Architectures” Exhibition Juan Manuel Lumbreras Art Gallery (Bilbao) / 2016 “Empty” Gallery Exhibition of art Juan Manuel Lumbreras (Bilbao) / Exhibition "Virtual" Art gallery Marita Segovia (Madrid) / 2017 Exhibition "Virtual" Gallery Marita Segovia (Madrid) / Exhibition "Impacts" Foundation Marguerida de Montferrato ((Balaguer-Lleida)

Permanent work in museums and foundations

Würth La Rioja Museum (Logroño)

Vilacasas Can Mario Foundation (Palafrugell, Girona)

Foundation for concrete art Roland Phleps (Freiburg, Germany)

Marguerida de Montferrato Foundation (Balaguer-Lleida)

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