Julián Gil

Logroño, Spain, 1939

Professor of painting at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid. He is one of the artists of Spanish Constructivism, together with Amador, Waldo Balart, Cruz Novillo, García Asensio, who were grouped under the epigraph of the "No Group of Madrid", and who were praised and supported by the art critic and painter Juan Antonio Aguirre from the Sala Amadís.

Julián Gil's work stands out for his careful analysis of form but, above all, for his acute perception of colour, which today serves as a reference for the latest generation of abstract painters who work with a geometric infrastructure in their works: Juan Uslé, Jonathan Lasker, Alejandro Corujeira, artists of varied origins who, nevertheless, need the solid framework of geometry as a place where they can flow pictorially.

His solo exhibitions include the Voss Gallery, Dortmund, Germany (1991), Victor Martín Gallery, Madrid (1992), Sechzig Gallery, Feldkirch, Austria (1993), and Anselmo Álvarez Gallery, Madrid (1996). His work can be found, among others, in the Municipal Museum of Madrid, Banco Hipotecario Collection, Madrid, Museum of Fine Arts of Cholet, France, and Banco Español de Crédito Collection, Madrid.


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1965 "PAINTINGS-RELIEFS". Neblí room. Madrid.


- Gonzalez Martí National Ceramic Museum. Valencia

-Municipal Museum. Madrid.

-Rectorate University of Extremadura. Cáceres

-Argent Collection. Madrid.

-Bank of Spain. Madrid.

-Spanish Credit Bank. Madrid.

-Government of La Rioja. Logroño

-Museum of Fine Arts. Cholet (France).

-College of Riggers of La Rioja. Logroño

-Foundation College of Architects. COAM Madrid.

-Collection National University Distance Education. Madrid.

-Jenu Diputation

-Cityroño Town Hall. (The Rioja)

-Alcorcon City Hall. (Madrid)

- CAI Luzan Collection. Saragossa.

-National Library. Madrid.

-Collection Caja de Madrid. Madrid.

-Pamplona City Hall

-Graphische Sammlung Albertina. Vienna (Austria)

-Museum of Contemporary Art Union Fenosa. To Coruña

-Museum Modern Art. Uünfeld. (Germany)

-I V A M. Center Julio González. Valencia.

-Mondriaanhuis Foundation. Amersfoort (Holland).

-Space of Burgos. Burgos

-Museum Municipal of Contemporary Art. Madrid.

-Wellington Foundation. Madrid.

-Collection of Extremadura. Cáceres

-Parliament of La Rioja.

-Collection Angel of Contemporary Art. Madrid.

-Foundation of Plastic Arts Rafael Botí. Cordova.

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