Bernabé Gilabert

Ciudad Real, Spain, 1953

The base in a building is located at the bottom of the wall, but for Gilabert it is at visual height, losing part of its original meaning, reaching a hierarchy previously stolen. The artist observes the different limits of the sockets and the possibilities of association through the fragmentation of these, seeking by means of primary geometric forms a totality in permanent revision. Fill the planes with colors, these expand, creating pictures within the picture, planes that dynamize the monochrome statism.

These real spaces, full of light and color, serve as an excuse to try to elevate through meditation and the craft process the pleasure of contemplating something as simple as the union of different planes of color in the baseboards. The color creates a space that could be habitable, but in reality can only be penetrated with the look and start a dream.


2018 Galéria Marita Segovia- Madrid.-

2015-2016 Cultural Center ¨ ”La Confianza” Valdepeñas.- Catal. Introduction “The geometric mold of things” by Oscar

                    Alonso Molina


2014 Marita Segovia Gallery. Madrid

2010 Marita Segovia Gallery. Madrid.-

2010 Caja Segovia Social Center.-

                   Torreón de Lozoya-Sala Caballerizas


2009 Caja Segovia Social Center- Chapter House- Monastery

                   “Santa María la Real de Nieva” (Segovia)

2008 C.S.C. Joan Miró- Mostoles.-

2006 Marita Segovia Gallery - Madrid.

                   López Torres Museum - Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)


2005 Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) Catalog,

                   “The restored order of things” by Fernando Huici.-

2002 Eclectic Gallery - Madrid.

2000 Sabapé Art Gallery, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)

1999 La Palma School of Art, Madrid.

1995 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ciudad Real.

1994 Savings Bank Catholic Circle, Aranda de Duero (Burgos)


2017 Stand Group AJB17, ArtfairMalaga. Malaga

2012 Pepnot Gallery - Artá ​​(Mallorca)

2011 Collective Gallery Marita Segovia- Madrid

2010 ARTMADRID International Art Fair Stand Marita Gallery

               Segovia- Madrid

2008 Collective Exhibition-Artists of the Marita Segovia-Madrid Gallery


2008 ARTMADRID International Art Fair. Maríta Gallery stand


2006 New media. MAEM, Centro-Cultural Caleidoscopio-

                 City Council of Mostotes- (Madrid) with Eduardo Polonio, Ana

                 Alvear ... among others.


2002 IIX National Painting Contest Vela Zanetti, Aranda de Duero


                 XI National Contest AA.PP. Ángel Andrade, City Council


Attendance at the Courses “A quarter of a century of Spanish Art, 1976-

2001 ”and“ El Criterio ”at the MNC Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid.

2001 Eklectica Gallery, Madrid

                 Backlight Gallery, Madrid

                 XI National Drawing Competition Gregorio Prieto, Valdepeñas

(C. Real)

       City Museum- Madrid

2000 X National Drawing Competition Gregorio Prieto, Valdepeñas

                 (C. Real)

1999 VIII AA.PP. Ángel Andrade, Delegation of Ciudad Real.

1998 V National Painting Contest, Vela Zanetti, Aranda de Duero

        Attendance to the course “From the 50s to the last manifestations

      artistic ”at the MNC Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid.

1997 Exhibition AA.PP. La Roda (Albacete)

                 AAPP exhibition. La Solana (C. Real)

                 Attendance to the course "Informalism and Tapies" Taught by the

                 Professor Valeriano Bozal, at the MNC Arte Reina Sofía.

1996 Art and Energy Exhibition (Unión FENOSA) Provincial Museum

       Real city.

1992 Exhibition at the Arjana Gallery, in Ciudad Real, with J. Gómez y A.


1989 XI Biennial of the Tagus, Toledo.

1988 II Castilla-La Mancha Award, Ciudad Real.

1987 I Castilla-La Mancha Award, Cuenca.

1984 XLV National Exhibition AAPP. Valdepeñas (C. Real

      VIII Black and White Award of Madrid.

      Aldea Gallery, Madrid.

1983 I Manchego Castilian Contest for Noveles Artists, Almagro

       (C. Real)

      XLIV National Exhibition of AAPP. Valdepeñas (C. Real)

1982 XV National Painting Contest, Campo de Criptana. (C. Real)

1981 I Young Artist Painting Contest, Madrid City Council.

1980 XLI National AAPP Exhibition. Valdepeñas (C. Real)


2015 Daniel Marin. ABC newspaper, 12-16-2015.-

2015 Oscar Alonso Molina. “The geometric mold of things” catalago

                La Confianza Cultural Center Exhibition. Valdepeñas

2014 The exhibition of AA.PP. of Valdepeñas 1940-2014- Amelia Ruiz



2010 Rodrigo Gonzalez Martin- The Adelantado de Segovia-02-02-2010

2009 José Berlanga. The Footprint in Space- Expsc Catalog. Santa Maria

               the Real de Nieva. - Torreon de Lozoya-Segovia 2009-2010.-

2006 Joaquín Brotóns, “Form and color in abstraction” Diario Lanza


2005 Fernando Huici, “The order restored” Catalog exhibition in the

               Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas.

2003 Art History of Castilla-La Mancha in the 20th century (Board of

               Castilla la Mancha).


2000 Joaquín Brotóns, Diario Lanza, 8-9-2000

1999 Antonio Sánchez Ruiz - Canfali- The Freedom of Abstraction.

1998 LIX National AAPP Exhibition. from Valdepeñas (C. Real)

              (Acquisition of work by the C.R.D.O. of Valdepeñas)

1997 AAPP dictionary. of the 20th Century Diputación de Ciudad Real.

1995 José Luis Fernández Arellano, Chamber Exhibition Catalog

                of Commerce of Ciudad Real.


1994 Miguel Muñoz. Catalog Exhibition Savings Bank CC.

               Aranda de Duero (Burgos)


1992 Manuel López Villaseñor. Arjana Gallery Exhibition Catalog

               Real city.

1991 Carlos Barrajón. Catalog Exhibition C. Local. Valdepeñas

               (Real city)

1983 2nd Prize Delegation of Ciudad Real, in the 1st Spanish Competition

               Manchego Artists Noveles, Almagro (C. Real)

               3rd Prize, Pámpana de Oro in the XLIV National Exhibition

               AAPP from Valdepeñas (C. Real)

1982 XV National Painting Contest, Campo de Criptana. (C. Real)

                (1st Prize, Exhibition Medal)

               Scholarship in the II Art Course of Almagro, Cultural Foundation

               La Mancha, Community Board.

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