Laureano Giscar

Transylvania, Romania, 1970

Contemporary sculptor of figurative, hyper-realistic and neofigurative current. His works are intended as a reflection of the reality that surrounds us through the comic-ironic filter. However, all his works carry a message and want to convey to the viewer a strong emotion. Born in Transylvania, he has a great facility in woodworking, although his sculptures are made of the most diverse materials and sizes. Although he has relatively little time in the world of contemporary art, his works have made a very good presence at events, fairs and International exhibitions linked to contemporary art. Practically 95% of his works are already acquired by institutions, galleries, museums, private collectors.

-2008-ART MADRID-international contemporary art fair.

-2008-KEY -Murcia-permanent work in the gallery.

-2008-ART JAÉN (4 sculptures with Clave gallery and two sculptures in the “Back to Reality” project)

-2008- MEFIC -museo, acquires two works for exhibition periodically.

-2009-KEY- Córdoba- work in gallery.

-2009-BACK TO REALITY- international traveling exhibition

-2009-KEY- Murcia-permanent work in gallery.

-2009- BIENAL DE CERVEIRA -Portugal-biennial of contemporary art.

-2009-ART LISBOA - international contemporary art fair Portugal.

-2009- "THE LAST DEMOCRAT" - traveling exhibition.

-2009 "REALITY SHOW" - traveling exhibition.

-2010-TWO HEADS CHICKEN GALLERY- Portugal- permanent work in the gallery.


-2010-FUENGIROLA ART - international contemporary art fair.

-2010- “LOVE STORY” -expo Don Manuel Palace - Evora -Portugal.

-2010- “MARITA SEGOVIA” - Madrid- permanent work in the gallery.

-2010-BIENAL JACINTO HIGUERAS-biennial of contemporary art.

-2010-FAIM-Madrid-independent art fair.

-2010 “GAUDI” - Madrid- permanent work in the gallery

-2010-LINEART-Belgium-international contemporary art fair.

-2010-COLLECTIVE -Gaudi Gallery

-2010-Malaga –Toremolino business fair.

-2011-INFINITY RISK-Madrid-collective exhibition.

-2011-ART MADRID-international contemporary art fair.

-2011-AFFORABLE FAIR ART-Brussels-international contemporary art fair.

-2011 “MARITA SEGOVIA” - Madrid- permanent work in the gallery.

-2011-MEFIC -museo, increases its collection with six more works for its exhibition.

-2011-ARTEXPO -Arezzo -Italy-international contemporary art fair.

-2011-Spring collective exhibition-Gaudí gallery.

-2011-ALMONEDA-IFEMA- Madrid-Art and Antiques Fair -Galeria Marita Segovia.

-2011- “GAUDI” - Madrid- permanent work in the gallery.

-2011-AFFORABLE FAIR ART-Amsterdam-international contemporary art fair.

-2011- "Human bady" -Madrid-expo with dissected human bodies.

-2011- National Geografic -store Madrid-expo at the headquarters of Gran Vía street.

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