Alexandra Moreira Rato

Oporto, Portugal

Alexandra was born in Porto and destiny led him to live in different parts of the world, sometimes as culturally diverse as Mozambique, Lisbon, London, Miami or Madrid. In his photos, he tries to convey his perception to the object he wants to portray, whether they are night scenes of urban spaces or if they are compositions where water and light take on the greatest role. Both themes are related to the signs that the author uses to evoke her emotions: color, movement, contrasts or intensity of light.

In her photographs, Alexandra selects only the elements that help her to emphasize her emotions, hiding those she does not consider relevant, thus configuring a very personal interpretation in each work. In this way, the nightlife in the cities evokes a thrilling rhythm, an invisible horizon or the contrast between the darkness of the background and the play of lights. Undoubtedly, the dynamism of these photographs contrasts with the stillness and serenity of its compositions of glass or water bottles, where the reflections of light and the apparent movement or its absence rests our spirits.

The exposure time used as a photographic technique has been a determining element in the preparation of photographs, where long exposures have helped to capture the movement and drawing of light or, conversely, freeze the moment.

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