Pilar Pequeño

Madrid, Spain, 1944

From an early age he begins an intense relationship with drawing, later he begins to work with photography. All your projects are related to nature.

He has work in important public collections such as Reina Sofia, the TEA of Tenerife or the IVAM of Valencia ...

He has exhibited his work in Museums such as The National Art Gallery of China. Beijing, Mahmoud Khalil Museum. Cairo, National Museum of Art of Catalonia. Barcelona ... In 2018, on the occasion of the 200 years of the Prado Museum, Twelve photographers at the Prado Museum are invited to participate in the project, which culminated in an exhibition at the Museum.

In 2010, she was awarded by the Ministry of Culture with the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. In 2017, he received the National Live Culture Award in its XXVI Edition. and in 2019 the PHE 19 award, Bartolomé Ros for the best Spanish professional career in photography.

From my first works on the landscape to my last photographs of still lifes, water and light are the two most representative elements of my work. This importance can be seen in the development of my work on plants that begin with greenhouses 1984-1990. where the plants are shown veiled by the plastic covered with dew early in the morning. The approach is similar in the design of the work, the images are taken from a very close point, affected by their surroundings. A photograph can be the beginning of a new research path. Thus, I take the plants to my study and create still lifes. always using natural light. the advantage is that I can modify the light by sieving it and modifying it with plastics and other elements creating my own light scene. Until reaching the submerged plants where the light plays with two translucent elements the crystal and the water.

Individual expositions


PhotoEspaña 2019. Pilar Pequeño. Dead natures. Marita Segovia Gallery. Madrid


PhotoAlicante 2018. Traces I Traces. Santamaca Gallery. Alicante

Traces I Traces. 2003-2012 Railowsky Gallery. Valencia.


PhotoEspaña 2017 Pilar Pequeño. Footprints I Traces. 2000-2016 Marita Segovia Gallery. Madrid.


Footprints. Baixo Miño. 2003-2012 Railowsky Gallery. Valencia.


PotoEspaña 2014. Plants / flowers / fruits Marita Segovia Gallery. Madrid.

Landscapes nearby. Quintanar Palace. Segovia


Footprints 2003-2012 Alicia Winters Gallery. Arnhem Netherlands.

PhotoEspaña 2013 Nearby landscapes. Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery. Madrid.

Coloratus natura. UFCA Algeciras Gallery. Cádiz


Color. Railowsky Gallery. Valencia.


Pequeño Pillar Marita Segovia Gallery. Madrid.

Plants. October Gallery. Castellón de la Plana.


Nature, a look. School of Art and higher Design. House of the Peaks. Segovia

Pequeño Pillar Spectrum Sotos Gallery. Saragossa.


Pequeño Pillar Fundació Ave María, Capella de les Arts. Fundació Ave María. Sitges

Nature, a look. Anabel Segura Cultural Center. Alcobendas


La Samanna, impressions. Four Seventeen Gallery. Madrid

Plants. To Photographic Guadalajara. Board of Culture Ayto. Guadalajara.

Pequeño Pillar Photography / Nature Palace of Fairs and Congresses. Marbella


Pequeño Pillar Still lifes and plants. IV Photographic Encounters. Gijón Asturias


Still lifes and plants. Railowsky Gallery. Valencia


Footprints, fragments of time. Four Seventeen Gallery. Madrid


Plants. Tenerife Island Photography Center

Plants. UFCA Gallery. Algeciras Cádiz


Water, glass and light. Backlight Gallery. Pamplona

Photography / Nature ... San Fernando box. Jerez de la Frontera


Photography / Nature Image room. Seville, San Fernando Box, Cádiz. Botanical Garden. Cordova


Plants. Four Seventeen Gallery. Madrid

Pequeño Pillar PhotoMuseum Zarautz Guipúzcoa


Pequeño Pillar The Factory Gallery. Madrid


Pequeño Pillar Photographs. Guadalajara photographic room A.

nineteen ninety five

Plants. Circle of Fine Arts. Madrid


Real Photographic Society. Madrid


Municipal Culture Foundation. Revilla House. Valladolid

Provincial savings bank. Tarragona

Municipal Board of Culture. Valladolid


 Real Photographic Society. Madrid

 Image Center To Coruña


 Real Photographic Society. Madrid.

Municipal House Culture. Guadalajara

Culture House. Ubrique Cádiz


Real Photographic Society. Madrid.

Guadalquivir Gallery. Seville.


S.F.S. Salamanca


Provincial Savings Bank. Tarragona


group exhibitions



Twelve photographers at the Prado Museum. National Museum of the Prado. Villanueva Madrid Building

PhotoEspaña 2018. Colectivo28, .Change and modernity. Real Photographic Society. Madrid

Pioneers of time. Opening photography center. Malaga


A possible story. Alcobendas photography collection. Niemeyer Center. Aviles


The impact of the old. CajaSol ​​Foundation. Murillo room. Seville.


Women photographers in the IVAM Collection. Institut Valencià d´ Art Moder. Valencia.


Meeting and dialogue. Visual Arts Collections of the Parliament and the Government of Extremadura.

Ibero-American Museum of Contemporary Art, Badajoz. Santa Cruz Museum, Toledo. Museum of

Cáceres Parliament of Extremadura, Mérida.


Phocus Objective of a collection. Kutxa Foundation, Kubo Room. Kursaal Saint Sebastian.

Two looks to Nature. Rafael Muyor (sculpture), Pilar Pequeno (photography). Rodríguez Foundation

Acosta Pomegranate.


Collection III. CA2M Dos de Mayo Art Center. Móstoles Madrid.

Spanish artists, in the garden ... the look of Art. Botanical Garden. Albacete

The tree, poetic in the garden. Royal Botanical Garden. Madrid.

Three looks to Nature. Marta Chirino (drawing), Rafael Muyor (sculpture), Pilar Pequeno (photography).

Alcobendas Art Center. Alcobendas Madrid.


S = m + 2,5.log10A The brilliance. Fundació Ave María. La Capella Sitges


Potato 21+ 1. Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery. Madrid


15 Years of Contemporary Spanish Photography. Alcobendas Collection. Alcobendas Madrid


The Restless Image Polytechnic university of Valencia. Faculty of Fine Arts. Josep Renau Room,

Valencia, Universidad Jaume I. Sala La Lonja. Castellón


PhotoEspaña 2006. The natural landscape in the IVAM funds. ASTROC Foundation. Madrid

Still lifes, an eternal look. Kowasa Gallery. Barcelona.

Looks to Nature. Moran Space of Contemporary Art. Plasencia

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