Rosa Amorós

Barcelona, 1945.

The main nucleus on which most of his work is based revolves around the essential questions that have troubled man from the beginning of the myths of creation, religion, or being and the relationship with otherness. The result of mythological stories, the observation of the environment and the human condition. Most of his creations make us think of the entrails of the human being.

It gathers works that go from the beginnings of the nineties to the present. It includes sculpture, painting and works on paper. Within the field of sculpture we will see that clay has been the material with which he has worked most recurrently, which has allowed him to emphasize the austere, rough and devoid of ornaments. As for the work in two dimensions, the work on paper made with ink and gouache stands out, but it also presents a selection of fabrics.

She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona and at the Massana School, where she also worked as a teacher between 1971 and 2005.

His artistic activity begins with the participation in the Joan Miró Prize of 1967 and 1968. As of 1976, René Metras is interested in his work and thus begins a period of fifteen years of exhibitions continued to his gallery in Barcelona. In 1987, he participated in Arte Triangle, a workshop directed by Anthony Caro at the Casa de la Caridad (Barcelona) where an evolution of his work, both conceptual and formal, is evident. This evolution was consolidated in 1991 with the works carried out for the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét (Hungary) and in 1992 for the inauguration of the European Ceramic Work Center in 's-Hertogenbosch (Holland).

Individual expositions:

• 2018 Rosa Amorós. Exhibition at the Municipal Center of Art and Exhibitions of Avilés. Asturias (CMAE)

• 2017-2018 Rosa Amorós. PALMADOTZE Gallery. Santa Margarita and Los Monjes, Barcelona

• 2015 Offal and daily. Suñol Foundation. Barcelona

• 2012 In the workshop. Cantir Museum. Argentona Barcelona

• 2012 Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid

• 2008 KM7. Jose Luis Pascual Art Space, Saus-Camallera, Girona

• 2007 Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid

• 2003 Barjola Museum, Gijón

• 2001 Pilares Gallery, Cuenca

• 2000 Antonio Peréz Foundation, Cuenca

• 1998 El Terrat. Senda Gallery, Barcelona

• 1996 Room Busquets, Massana School. Barcelona

• 1995 Hetjens Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany

• 1993 René Metras Gallery, Barcelona

• 1991 Gallery Espacio 40, Vitoria, Álava

• 1990 René Metras Gallery, Barcelona

• 1988 René Metras Gallery, Barcelona

• 1986 Nicanor Piñole Room, Gijón, Asturias

• 1984 Municipal Museum of Ceramics, Aviles, Asturias

• 1982 René Metras Gallery, Barcelona

• 1980 René Metras Gallery, Barcelona

• 1978 René Metras Gallery, Barcelona

Works in museums and collections:

• Josep Suñol Foundation, Barcelona

• Barcelona Ceramic Museum

• International Ceramics Studio Kecskemét Collection, Hungary

• Het Kruithuis Museum, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

• Testimony Collection, Savings and Pensions Fund, Barcelona

• Art Collection of the newspaper today, Barcelona

• Hetjens Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany

• Welle Collection, Paderborn, Germany

• Aviles Ceramics Museum, Asturias

• MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

• Antonio Pérez Foundation, Cuenca

• Antoni Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona

• Banco Sabadell Foundation

• Contemporary Spanish Art of the eighties. López-Sanz Collection. Cretas Teruel

 Scholarships / awards:

• 1992 European Ceramic Work Centrum Scholarship. Hertogenbosch, Holland

• 1991 International Ceramics Studio Scholarship, Kecskemét, Hungary

• 1982 Scholarship of the General Directorate of Fine Arts, Madrid

• 1969 Grant 'Castellblanch Art Endowment', Barcelona

• 1968 Prize of the Chamber of Industry of Barcelona

Massana Teaching School:

• From 1971 - 2005 she is a professor in the specialties of: ceramics, sculpture and drawing. Of artistic baccalaureate, and of university graduate in Art and Design

Massana Management School:

• 2001 - 2003 Coordinator of art baccalaureate workshops

• 1999 - 2000 Ceramic specialty coordinator

• 1984 - 1987 He is part of the management team, with the position of head of study of art specialties

• 1980 - 1983 Ceramic specialty coordinator

Teaching activities:

• 1991 He teaches a ceramic course at the Maison d'Espagne. Paris. France

• 1990 It is part of the team of professors of the II International Ceramics Course. Delegation of Pontevedra, Soutomayor Castle. Galicia. Summer course Encounters of Spanish potters. Complutense University, El Escorial. Madrid

• 1984 He teaches a pottery course at the Avilés Municipal Museum. Asturias

Other activities:

• 2003 Collaborates with Evru

• 2001 Collaborates with Zush

• 1998 With C. Payarols realization of the ceramic mural of the painter Jörgen Fogeluuisten in the Stockholm Metro at the Central Station, Stockholm, Sweden

• 1997 Translation of Ian Gregory's book "Furnace Construction", ed. Gustavo Gili, Barcelona

• 1996 Police station together with A. Bassas and A. Pérez of the exhibition: Indisciplines, in the Chapel of the Old Hospital of the Holy Cross, Barcelona

• 1987 Participates in the Triangle Art Workshop, Casa de la Caridad. Barcelona

• 1979 With Inés Padrós creates "Fragile", porcelain design and decoration studio

Group exhibitions (selection):

• 2016 The maturity of the drawing. Sicart Gallery. Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona

• 2016 Natural Park. Plot Gallery. Barcelona

• 2016 Within the framework of the exhibition of Mar Arza, a loophole. Rocio Santa Cruz Gallery. Barcelona

• 2014 Story of Beautiful False Things. Santa Monica Barcelona

• 2014 Nothing stops. Josep Suñol Collections and La Panera Art Center. Suñol Foundation. Barcelona

• 2013 Story of Beautiful False Things. The backyard. Amposta Tarragona

• 2012 WHITE, art space Jose Luís Pascual. Saus -Zipper. Girona Personal memory, Ramón Guillen Balmes. Massana school. Barcelona

• 2011 Blue Lands. Tribute to Trinidad Sánchez-Pacheco. Ceramics Museum Barcelona

• 2010 Black and White Art. Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid. Confluences in the mud. Ceramic Museum of Barcelona. Art to Consciousness. Alzheimer's International. Pascual Maragall Foundation and Archive Humberto Ribas. Joan Gaspar Gallery. Barcelona

• 2009 Still life. Km7 Jose Luís Pascual art space. Saus-Camallera. Girona

• 2008 Suñol Collection 1970 to 2001. Suñol Foundation. Barcelona. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the collections of the Ceramics Museum of Barcelona

• 2007 Contemporary Iberian Ceramics (1,975 to 2,007). Pazo de Cultura de Pontevedra, and Museo do Azulejo, Lisbon, Portugal. 3 International Ceramic Exhibition. Kunstforum Piaristen

• 2006 Spanish ceramics and super integration in art. Ceramics Museum González Martí, Valencia. Catalan potters Euskal Herrian ". Kultur Etxea. Oñati, Guipuzkoa. Basque Country

• 2004 The Human Condition. Museum of the City. Barcelona I Biennial of the Mediterranean. Maritime Museum, Barcelona

• 2003 Bottle to sea. House of the Arts of Vigo, Auditorium of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela. World Ceramic Biennale Icheon Gwanju.Yeoju. Korea

• 2001 International Biennial of Artistic Ceramics Fuji Nakatomi Museum of Contemporary Art. Japan. Vanitas Eudald Daltabuit Gallery. Barcelona. Contemporary Spanish Ceramics. Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo. Japan. World Ceramic Exhibition 2001, Wocek Choson, Royal Kiln Museum, Kwangju. Korea

• 1,999 3 and 3 Barcelona-Japan, Amorós, Bofill, Madola / Matsuda, Sato, Yoshikawa. Striped House Museun traveling exhibition. Tokyo Japan. Hami Museum, Hyogo, Japan. Sapporo Art Park Museum. Hokkaido Japan. Ceramics Museum of Barcelona

• 1998 Frauen in Europe. Marianne Heller Gallery. Heïdelgberg and Galerie für Angerwandte kunst. Munich. Germany. Water and Tarraco Powder. National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona. Ceramics of the 20th Century. The Welle collection. Paderborn Germany. Amorós, Bofill, Madola. Galerie Keramik, Vienna

• 1997 3rd San Agustin Ceramics Certification. Aviles Asturias

• 1996 Sample of Ceramica 1996. Castellamonte. Italy. Ceramica Espanhola dos Arabes in Miró. National Museum of Azulejo, Lisbon. Portugal

• 1995 8ème. Biennial of Chateauroux. France

• 1993 Desko Gallery. Kortemark, Belgium 17 Authors. Room key Hospitalet Cultural Center. Barcelona

• 1992-1994 Mysterious creatures. Itinerant, La Caixa Foundation. Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. European Ceramic Centrum inaugural exhibition, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. National Museum of History. Taipei, Taiwan Republic of China. From the intimate. Espacio 40 Gallery, Vitoria

• 1990 Tradition und Phantasie. Galerie Ewers and Gross St. Martin, Cologne, Germany. Present of Spanish ceramics. Itinerant: Keramion Museum in Frechen, Cologne, Germany. Spanish Academy of Rome, Italy. Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal. Musum of modern art, Kyoto, Japan. Art Museum of Mexico DF DeMarco Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. House of Spain, Paris. France

• 1989 The Europe des Ceramistas. Itinerant: Auxerre, France. MEAC, Madrid. Linz, Austria, Budapest, Hungary

• 1988 East-West Contemporany Ceramics Exhibition.The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation Seoul, Korea Terre di Spagna. Palazzo Agostinelli. Bassano del Grappa. Italy

• 1987 Art Triangle. House of Charity Barcelona

• 1986 Panorama of Spanish Ceramics. MEAC Madrid

• 1985 La Vanguardia in Catalonia 1,900-1,985. Dau al Set Gallery, Barcelona. Amorós-Bofill-Madola-Martí Coll. Ceramics Museum, Barcelona

• 1984 Nomen Gallery. Barcelona. Arco 84 René Mehind Gallery. Barcelona

• 1983 Preliminary. I Biennial of Plastic Arts. Zaragoza, Seville and Barcelona

• 1982 Cáceres Sculpture Award, 1982. Cáceres

• 1981 Catalog Aujourd'hui. Palau de Unesco, Paris, France. Picasso and Catalan artists now. Old Hospital of the Holy Cross, Barcelona. Tribute to Llorens Artigas. Barcelona and Tarragona

• 1971 R. Amorós, I. Barba, M. Crehuet. "La Rambla Bookstore. Tarragona

• 1967 and 1968 VI and VII Joan Miró Drawing Award. Palau de la Virreina. Barcelona

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