Manolo Sánchez

Sevilla, Spain, 1964

Exquisite landscapes as a result of a controlled whirlpool of spots arising from a reduced and opposite color palette: a warm one, based on yellows and browns, flattering the summer memory, in front of a cold one, based on blue and gray lead, which, in coexistence with the everlasting green spot, seems to predict a storm or presage a cold winter.

All the works of Manolo Sánchez require a slow look. It requires us to stop one by one, while without realizing it, all the senses are activated. From feeling the storm air or the humidity of the sea, to the warmth and melancholy that their dead natures transmit us. Retractor of everyday objects, (aubergines, pumpkins ...) the painter carries out a study of them from different frames, which shows not only the artist's taste for nature, but the knowledge that it has. In his works, the objects are ennobled not only by the way of presenting them, but by the warm ranges of color and the warm light that surrounds them.

Individual expositions:

1991 Open Window Gallery (Seville)

1995 Félix Gómez Gallery (Seville)

2000 Félix Gómez Gallery (Seville)

2003 La Caja China Gallery (Seville)

2005 Marita Segovia Gallery (Madrid)

2006 Sapletafreda Gallery, (Sonservera, Palma de Mallorca)

2007 Arturo Ramón Gallery (Barcelona)

Group Exhibitions:

1986 Rector of the University of Seville

1987 House of Culture of Tarrasa

1991 Open Window Gallery (Seville)

1995 Still lifes. Félix Gómez Gallery (Seville)

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