Pablo Sobisch

Mendoza, Argentina, 1958

Pablo Sobisch presents a set of works of great subtlety, made on paper and with only a colored pen.

The works show abstract forms of intense colors that seem to be the result of an explosion of color whose resulting forms are about to vanish.

Sobisch understands the current art more by the ways that by the subjects and more by the space that by the limits. He refers to himself as a "conceptual artist who does not try to represent the known and who does not believe that things are improved by adding, but by removing, until leaving only the aromas of an idea".

His work is framed within the geometric volumes, to which adheres a light treatment to transform the concrete geometry into ephemeral, using it as a field of poetic and philosophical representation of the forms. Color and light give his works a touch of spirituality and awareness.

Individual Exhibitions

2015 Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid

2011 Maris Liepa Foundation, Madrid

2010 Museum of Contemporary Art Mendoza, Argentina

2009 Stock Market Mendoza, Argentina

2008 Ann Street Gallery, New York

2007 Alexandra Irigoyen Gallery, Madrid

2006 Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid

2004 Luis Gurriarán Gallery, Madrid

2002 Caja Madrid Cultural Center "Espacio Nájera".

1999 Pilar Mulet Gallery, Madrid

1996 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Space. Madrid

1995 El Coleccionista Gallery, Madrid Museum of Contemporary Art, Mendoza

1993 Peri Cayla Gallery, Paris

1992 El Coleccionista Gallery, Madrid

1990 González Centoira Gallery, Buenos Aires

1989 Arambol Gallery, Madrid

1987 Epry Cayla Gallery Paris

1985 Arteder Gallery, Bilbao

1984 Ulla Mara Gallery, San Sebastián

1983 Lumbre Gallery, Toledo

Kiras Gallery, Paris Rimbaud Gallery, Toulouse

1982 Iberia Culture Gallery, Paris Le Soleil Bleu Gallery, Paris

1981 Zoe Cutzarida Gallery, Paris

1980 González Centoira Gallery, Buenos Aires

1979 El Aleph Gallery Buenos Aires


Collective Exhibitions

2011 The Maris Liepa Foundation, London

2008 Christmas Collective, Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid Ann Street Gallery «Collection», New York

2007 Fundación Alianza Hispanoamericana, «Esperando a Borges», Madrid

2006 Ann Street Gallery «Chi», Nueva York «From Sobisch to Sobisch» Mendoza, Argentina

2003 HYATT «Collection» Hotel, Mendoza, Argentina

2002 Museum of Contemporary Art Mendoza, Argentina

2001 Palacio del Infantado Museum "The Art of the Two Shores", Guadalajara

1997 Casa de Vacas Cultural Center of Retreat “From Abstraction, The Figuration and Realism ”, Madrid.

1996 Cultural Center of the Villa de Madrid "Encuentro", Madrid

1995 The Collector's Gallery "Christmas Collective", Madrid

Torre Don Borja Museum "Critical Figuration", Santillana del Mar

1994 Félix Gómez Gallery "Residence on Earth", Seville

1993 Torre Don Borja Museum "Critical Figuration", Santillana del Mar

1991 Palais du Festival Museum “Critical Figuration” Biarritz

1990 González Centoira Gallery "Tribute", Buenos Aires

1989 Arambol Gallery "Tribute", Madrid

1988 Museum of Contemporary Art "Critical Figuration" Brussels

1987 Grand Palais de Paris "Critical Figuration" Paris

Amnesty International Hall, Madrid

Museum of Contemporary Art "Critical Figuration", Moscow

1986 Complutense University Hall "Young Painting", Madrid

1985 Grand Palais de Paris "Critical Figuration", Paris

1984 Grand Palais de Paris "Salon La Amerique Latine a Paris", Paris

1981 Iberia Culture Gallery "Grupo Taller", Paris

Zoe Cutzarida Gallery "Grupo Taller", Paris

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