Pedro Zamora

Barcelona, Spain, 1978

Painting without painting is the paradoxical synthesis of a work in which discarded cardboard and books become the main raw material.

Manuel Fontán del Junco -Fundación Juan March- writes:

                    As an artist, Pedro Zamora has applied to painting, which traditionally belongs to the art of putting, the art of removing, typical of sculpture. (It is possible that this is due to his other vocation that participates in both arts: architecture). So his work is that of a kind of radical contemplative ascetic….

His desire to paint without painting, with almost no art (and with almost no painter); to make a work in which he “does not paint anything”, without being almost noticed; of lavishing himself with what nobody wants, of making art almost without doing it; ... all this makes him almost immune to the artist's fear that his work will not remain, because he assumes that this is almost nothing, that it has been done without "ulterior motives" and that, in the end, only what has been destroyed can be destroyed. It has been built and that is why the art that is most alive is the one that cannot be killed because it plays dead itself.

Main personal exhibitions:

2018 Ormaechea & Zamora. Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid.

2018 Bibliothek. Galleria Statuto 13, Milan (Italy).

2016 Non finite. Galleria Statuto 13, Milan (Italy).

2016 The color of the limit. Art Space Santiago Collado, Granada.

2015 Salinas & Zamora, Studio Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Madrid.

2015 Dialoghi del silenzio. Galleria Statuto 13, Milan (Italy).

2015 I do not paint anything. Lapuertagotica, University of Navarra, Pamplona.

2014 Paint without paint. Mahatma Showroom, Malaga.

2013 Valdegodos Foundation, Orense.

2011 Cardboards. Tuset Gallery, Barcelona.

2008 House-Museum of Mijas, Mijas (Málaga).

2003 Tuset Gallery, Barcelona.

2002 Didier Daurat Space - Malaga Airport -, Malaga.

2000 College of Architects, Almería.

1999 Sala Carlos III - Central Bank Hispano-, Pamplona.

Main collective exhibitions:

2017 Ynot Studio, Madrid.

2017 Marita Segovia Gallery, Madrid.

2012 C. Aviles Román, Málaga.

2011 Collezione 20 x 20. Globart Gallery, Acqui Terme (Italy).

2005 Tuset Gallery, Barcelona.


Buzzi Collection. Genoa (Italy).

W. L'Eplattenier. Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland).

Monterroso (Mexico).

Hispanic Central Bank.


Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Madrid.

Fontán del Junco

               –Exhibition Director of the Juan March Foundation-, Madrid

Guardans and Cambò, Barcelona.

Main exhibitions, (P) personal, (C) collective.

            2015- (P) <Dialoghi del silenzio>

                             Galleria Statuto 13, Milano.

2015- (P) <I don't paint anything>

                  Lapuertagotica. University of Navarra, Pamplona.

            2014- (P) <Paint without paint>

                             Mahatma Showroom, Malaga

            2013- (P) <Cartoni>

                             Globart Gallery, Acqui Terme (AL).

            2013- (P) Valdegodos Foundation, Orense.

            2012- (C) C. Avilés & Román, Málaga.

            2011- (C) <Collezione 20x20>

                             GlobArt Gallery, Acqui Terme (AL).

            2011- (P) <Cartons>

                             Tuset Gallery, Barcellona.

            2008- (P) House- Museum of Mijas, Mijas (Málaga).

            2005- (C) Tuset Gallery, Barcellona.

            2003- (P) Tuset Gallery, Barcellona.

            2002- (P) Didier Daurat Space, Malaga.

            2000- (P) College of Architects, Almería.

            1999 - (P) Carlos III Room

                             Central-Hispanic Bank, Pamplona.

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